First and foremost, The Bower is about providing unforgettable luxury holiday experiences in the Byron Bay region. Home to some of the world’s most iconic beaches, surfing and swimming spots, ancient rainforests and lush hinterlands, we’re lucky enough to have all of this on our doorstep.


So, as you can imagine, we’re absolutely committed to doing our bit to protect this magnificent environment for generations to come.


From the outset we set ourselves goals that we could instantly achieve and we are always on the lookout for other strategies we can work towards incorporating into our business on a daily basis. We all try to walk the talk at home too, just as we know you will be. It starts with the easy stuff like proper sorting and recycling of waste, being watchful of our energy consumption, choosing an open window over aircon, lights off when they’re not in use, saying goodbye to single-use plastic where possible, recycling and upcycling (and that’s been part of our design mantra forever), buying wise and to last and not to suit the 21st Century’s fast, disposable economy, being water-wise and so much more.


So we know about what we’re doing at home, but what about at The Bower? How are we helping to safe-guard this piece of paradise for the future while ensuring your stay is the stuff of forever memories? Here we go:

  • It starts of course with good design and crafting our accommodation for best natural airflow and maximum insulation. It results in better, natural temperature control and less need for aircon.
  • We’re solar-powered. We’ve made a substantial investment in carbon offsetting our hotel with 132 solar panels generating nearly 37KW per hour during peak sunlight. In daylight hours, we’re offsetting a significant amount of electricity preventing tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere. Last quarter we sent 4000kilowatt hours of electricity back to the grid for others to use. You can sit in your air-conditioned room (if you haven’t got the windows wide open) or swim in the heated pool guilt-free with the knowledge that the energy you’re consuming is coming straight from the sun.
  • LED lighting is our choice where possible to keep energy use lower.
  • We source as many sustainable, recycled products as possible to incorporate into our designs. This has actually become one of the benchmarks of our signature style.
  • We love to support like-minded businesses such as Dharma Door whose commitment to sustainable, ethical production of their home décor products is absolute.
  • We request the environmental credentials from our suppliers.
  • We use filtered water in refillable glass jugs for our guests.
  • Poolside we’ve installed a Zip tap and have reusable cups for refills.
  • Where possible, we chose to have can options in our gourmet mini-bar rather than glass or plastic. Cans take less energy to recycle.