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FOCUS ON: Libby and Vanessa from The Harmonic

 We go out of our way to use paper, not plastic, and shun businesses that don’t visibly commit to sustainability, yet do we really stop to think about the astronomical effect our lust for new outfits is having on our planet?


The global fashion industry produces more CO2 emissions than the shipping and aviation industries combined. In fact, The World Economic Forum identified fashion, and its supply chain, as the planet’s third-largest polluters. Outrageous, no?!


Thankfully the up-cycled clothing trend has been brewing away for a while now with re-seller sites like eBay, Depop and Vestiaire, as well as the boom in clothing rental sites.


The only downfall is that these sites require endless trawling, and many a let-down when the item received is most definitely not in the condition described.


Step in sisters, and best friends, Vanessa and Libby, who have recently launched The Harmonic. The Harmonic is a curated site of once-loved quality pieces with a focus on brands showcasing a commitment to sustainable practices, particularly local Australian and NZ brands who we believe are leading the way globally.


The platform is presented in a beautiful ‘easy to shop’ format. And you won’t need to scroll to find your favourite brands – Lucy Folk, SIR, St Agni, Lee Matthews… they’re all here, curated to perfection by these incredible sisters!