ACCOMM NEWS: The Bower’s New Mini-Bar Menu


We’ve taken our time to create something really special and it will continue to evolve as we add in new selections from brands that inspire us and share our take on the world.  And it’s not just about a focus on local.  It’s about quality and environmental footprint too which is why we aim for glass and aluminium over plastic.

So will it be a Nitro Cold Brew if it’s a caffeine hit you need or a Northern Rivers Ink Gin which changes colour when you add the sparkling tonic. Perhaps an Everleigh Cocktail, a sneaky Riot wine in a can or a bottle of the most exquisite Peregrine wine from Otago in Central NZ.  Maybe it’s a smooth Captain Sensible from Balter Beers or a drop of Signature Wines from deep in the heart of the Adelaide Hills. Then there’s vodka and soda in a can and Moet of course.  A holiday’s just not a holiday without bubbles at some point! Of course we need alcohol-free options too.  It’s why we’ve included a great take on the humble G&T that has no alcohol, sugar or additives, and, poured over our over-sized ice blocks, is undetectable from the real thing.

And the nibbles? In every fridge you’ll find a delicious assortment of cheeses, pastes, Salumi salami, Byron Bay Crackers, walnuts and more to create your own delicious nibble plate. Then there’s Red Rock Honey Soy Chicken chips - because they’re our faves - Brookfarm muesli and macadamia nut snacks and next level chocolates from Loco Love which are just simply seductive at every bite.

It’s a mini bar that’s been created with love – and lots of sampling – by our Bower team, with input too from some of our regular guests.  So sitting beside the stunning circular Bower pool, encircled by lush towering greenery, your nibble plate and wine, beer, G&T, Vodka, cocktail or mocktail chilling in the ice bucket beside you, or propped up in your 5 Star bed with a glass of wine, some chips or chocolate and a bit of Netflix, we’ve got you covered. 

We’re all about the detail at The Bower. That and making your every visit unforgettable. 

THE BOWER MINI BAR MENU – the inside story…

Riot Wine - Tom from Riot stayed at The Bower just before our swimming pool was complete and left us some of their ‘wine in a can’ to try.  So it was that when the construction fencing came down we sat by the pool to sample it. We were so impressed (which is why it’s now on our menu) and as the sun went down, discovered that each can is about 2.5 standard drinks.  The sunset and the rest of the evening were pure delight!

Balter Beer - Our lovely friend Julien from Balter is a regular guest.  The Balter XPA is a particular favourite.  They say its tropical and fruity aromatics will punch your taste buds into the pleasure zone and that it does!  And the Captain Sensible is just so easy to keep drinking on a sunny afternoon.

Nitro Cold Brew - Emma and the Nitro crew roast, grind, brew and can onsite in Byron. The Nitro Cold Brew is the perfect kick-start when you don’t quite feel like a hot coffee or soft drink and it’s fun to drink.  Give it a good shake before you open the can and enjoy the extra fizz.

Peregrine Wines - Creative Director/Co-Owner Taliah and her family lived in Queenstown for a year and fell in love with the quality of the area’s Pinot, but it’s Peregrine Wines from the Otago region in particular she thinks is one of the best wines in the world.  It’s why she wants to offer it to our guests to enjoy too.

Humble G&Ts are the answer for all those baby-mooners and health conscious guests who want a delicious non-alcoholic bevy. As Sammy from Humble says:  ‘It’s an alcohol-free gin and tonic that looks, tastes and feels like your fave tipple. You can still pour it, sip it, and enjoy the tingle of bubbles on your tongue without the bite at the end.’ Cheers to Humble!

Signature Wines – When Cherida from Signature stayed with us it sparked a love affair between us:  them for The Bower and us for their wines. Both brands are about quality, doing things a bit differently, authenticity, and delivering a product and an experience to be shared and enjoyed with family and friends. That’s a lot of ticks!

Brookfarm - The Brookfarm family have always championed sustainability and are passionate about supporting our community. They also happen to make the best muesli and macadamia snacks you can buy. Enjoy!

Ink Gin - The Northern Rivers is home to some of the world’s best botanical gins with Ink Gin among them. With its 13 organic botanicals including a mix of traditional and Australian natives, it has a fresh piney, spicy and citrusy aroma and flavour.  What we love most though is watching it change from lavender to pink when you top the gin with sparkling tonic water.


Everleigh Cocktails provide a taste-in-a-can of the multi-award winning Everleigh Bar and are just perfect with our oversized ice cubes.  The Everleigh brand is about attention to detail in creating a classic cocktail renaissance and few do it better.  Good one Everleigh.

Vodka Soda &…The ‘and’ is up to you but we love it with a generous sprig of mint or a good squeeze of lime – and the lime will be on us. We discovered it when guest Marcus returned to The Bower for his second Splendour In The Grass visit and he was happy for us to try his Vodka Soda &. Just sooo easy to enjoy which is why they made it to our menu. 

Moet - We all know Moet’s a no-brainer.  There’s just too much in life to celebrate and more so when you’re ensconced in The Bower in beautiful Byron Bay!

Byron Bay Crackers - They’re hand made in Byron and the story behind these crispy, salty little bites is just lovely. It started out just making a version of a Danish seeded flatbread in a home kitchen from a recipe passed down through generations.  The baking was done just for family and friends but word of their deliciousness spread and its now turned into a burgeoning small business in just two years.

Loco Love - Husband and wife team Jesse and Emica make the most delicious vegan, soy and refined sugar-free chocolates in their factory in the Byron Arts & Industry Estate. Emica’s background in naturopathy, and nutrition as well as fashion design ensure the chocolate tastes good and look amazing too.

Honey Soy Chicken Red Rock chips - Let’s face it, sometimes all you really feel like is a packet of chips. Our lovely friend Claudine who helped curate the mini-bar was very firm that this particular item had to be included.  Thanks Claude for keeping it real!

Berocca - Just in case the Nitro Coffee doesn’t do the trick the Berocca is there to give you back your BB Bounce!