SWEAT & STRETCH: The best studios for Yoga & Pilates in Byron Bay

Best Pilates and Yoga Studios in Byron Bay

With Byron Bay being a mecca of health and wellness, it’s little wonder our slice of the world offers some of the best Yoga and Pilates studio experiences in the country.

Gone are the days of smelly rooms, bad lighting and tired interiors. Today’s boutique studios provide sophisticatedly designed spaces with classes that are challenging, enjoyable and downright addictive.

We’ve rounded up our top picks so the only leg work you have to do is in the studio itself!


Opening this September, BodyMindLife’s brand spanking new space includes Yoga and Reformer Pilates studios and wellness centre with Full Spectrum Infrared sauna, Cold Plunge pool, Himalayan salt sauna, oxygen therapy and a range of therapies from massage to salt scrubs. It sounds AMAZING! 

BodyMindLife Byron Bay is due to open mid-September, 2020. 

HEAT YOGA -  8A Grevillea St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

HEAT YOGA is one of our absolute favourite places for Hot Yoga and Pilates in Byron Bay. We are obsessed! They offer Bikram Yoga in both 60 and 90 minute sessions, along with Vinyasa, Yin, HIIT Pilates and Barre. Their instructors are warm, welcoming and so entertaining you'll forget how much your legs are burning. They also know their way around a motivating playlist! HEAT by name and nature, all classes are in either warm or hot rooms. An additional bonus, for those looking to perfect their technique, private Yoga training is available from a very reasonable $90 per hour.

Casual sessions $25. Book via the Mind Body app  

HEAT YOGA is located approximately an 8-minute drive from The Bower.

Heat Yoga Byron Bay


HUSTL. - 8b/11 Banksia Dr, Byron Bay NSW 2481

These local fitness legends HUSTL. have built up a cult following not only in Byron Bay, but across Australia thanks to their online workout series. HUSTL. are results-focused, so if you’re looking to knock over some fitness goals they are your go-to magic-weavers when it comes to shaping and toning. The website states “we don’t do easy” – trust us, they don’t. But it’s worth it! At just 45 minutes, the classes are short, sweet and oh so gratifyingly sweaty!

First Timer $49 for two classes of your choice. Holiday Maker $89 for one week of unlimited classes. Book via the Mind Body app.

HUSTL. is located an approximate 10-minute drive from The Bower.

Hustl. Byron Bay


BENDE - Building c2/35/1 Porter St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Bende's light-filled airy studio offers a dynamic range of classes guaranteed to calm the mind while stretching out the body. Classes include three different kinds of Pilates and two styles of Yoga to choose from. But if you want to know our top pick be sure to sign up for the Sound Bath Meditation, in a word - it’s transcendent. Even those who have never practised meditation before will walk away with elated skin tingles. 

Casual classes start from $25. Book via the Mind Body app.

Bende is located an approximate 12-minute drive from The Bower. 

Bende Yoga Byron Bay


CREATURE YOGA - Unit 6B, 11 Banksia Drive Byron Bay NSW

Hands up if you’ve been to a Yoga studio and they’ve used the same music and same routine class after class? Really messes with your zen, am I right?! Safe to say, you’ll never experience this at Creature Yoga. No two classes are ever the same and they offer a variety of classes depending on skill level, so if you’re just starting out or have been practising for years Creature Yoga comes highly recommended for non-heated practice.

Casual classes $28. Book via Mind Body App.

Creature Yoga is located approximately a 10-minute drive from The Bower.

Creature Yoga Byron Bay


NIMBUS CO. – 4/17 Tasman Way, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Tackle muscle soreness, fatigue and aid the body’s detoxification process by booking a post-workout session at Byron Bay newbie Nimbus Co. They offer state-of-the-art private infrared saunas, which yield additional health benefits than traditional saunas at a much more tolerable temperature. Infrared saunas work by penetrating the skin on a deeper level (up to 6cm) to increase endorphin levels, aid in heavy metal detoxification, mobilise stored fat, increase blood flow as well as assisting with the recovery of muscular pain after exercise.

45-minute sessions from $40. Book via Mind Body App.

Nimbus Co. is located approximately a 9-minute drive from The Bower.

Nimbus Co. Byron Bay