NEW TO THE BOWER: A beautiful Cedar Mineral Spa has been installed at The Cottage!

The Bower Cottage - Cedar Spa

We’re absolutely over the moon to announce the instalment of a rejuvenating cedar spa in the back courtyard of The Bower Cottage.

Nestled amongst tropical greenery in what was previously an unused corner of the property, this gorgeous spa is part of our ongoing commitment to creating calming and nourishing environments for our guests’ enjoyment! It’s also a wonderful surprise for guests staying in The Bower Cottage over the festive period.

The Bower Cottage - Cedar Spa


Keeping true to the Bower’s signature style, we’ve once again opted for mineral water with the star of the show being magnesium chloride. For those not familiar with magnesium chloride, it’s a naturally occurring compound of magnesium (a mineral) and chloride (an electrolyte), found in seawater, brine or sea beds. In other words, it’s a type of magnesium salt.

Magnesium chloride is regarded as a tonic for body and the soul, and works best when absorbed transdermally (through the skin). It is said to help soothe muscle pain, improve circulation, replenish magnesium depletion in your body and improve some skin ailments, such as psoriasis or eczema by hydrating dry and damaged skin. It also helps to detoxify your system, reduce stress and anxiety, and aid in a good night’s sleep. 

And what’s the best way to absorb something transdermally? You guessed it — bathing in it! Soaking in a magnesium pool or spa works in a similar way to Epsom salt bathing, however, magnesium chloride has slightly more magnesium available to absorb than most Epson salts.

Not only does our magnesium pool and spa offer the health benefits listed above, but it also delivers a superior swimming and bathing experience. If you’ve never dipped your toe into a mineral pool (or spa) before, the silky-smooth texture of the water needs to be experienced to be believed!


The Bower Cottage - Cedar Spa

This luxuriously large hot tub is proudly Australian made, built in South Australia from Red Cedar timber sourced from the East Coast of Australia. What you can’t see from the pictures is how divine the cedar wood smells. Remove the cover and inhale the grounding aromas of vitality and wellness.

You may also note that there are no chemical smells. That’s because we use no chemicals! Rather the water is purified using Ozone UV filtration technology.

The tub fits up to ten people, so you can enjoy this experience with your best friends, as a couple, or sink into a deep Zen-like state as solo soaker. And if bathing in the outdoors isn’t dreamy enough, you can step up your relaxation game by opting for an in-house massage, whether you set up in-doors or out is up to you!

Please note, the spa is availably exclusively to guests of The Bower Cottage. To read more, click HERE

Photography by Jessie Prince.

The Bower Cottage - Cedar Spa