MUST DO: Toast The Sun / An Award-Winning Luxury Sunrise Experience


And Katie Elliott from Wild Goat Events makes it simply unforgettable with her award-winning luxury sunrise experience, Toast The Sun, which she hosts from one of the most beautiful spots on our coastline – Cape Byron. It’s a unique celebration of nature and food, and because of Byron’s temperate climate can be enjoyed all year round and it’s an experience made even more special during the annual migration of Hump back whales

The three course breakfast, served on the deck of the Cape Café and styled with their signature luxe trimmings, is made by Katie from scratch with the freshest of local, organic ingredients.  Guests will feast on delicious options like summer granola and winter bircher, breakfast burritos and the most decadent crispy waffles drizzled with caramel sauce. All you need do is sit back and enjoy 2.5 hours welcoming the brand new day.


We had a chat to Katie, one of our favourite locals and like us, passionate about showcasing the wonders of this special part of the world to all and sundry:

When are your favourite sunrises? 

Whale season (May - October) is pretty spectacular. In the past, our guests have been spoilt with whales breaching just off the Cape throughout the sunrise. That’s pretty hard to top!

Winter sunrises are my personal favourite though. The air has an edge of crispness, and the horizon is very clear making for a beautiful mix of pastels throughout the sunrise and as far as the eye can see.


Where did you come up with the idea for Toast the Sun?

There are three things I’m fiercely passionate about - travel, unique experiences and food. Toast the Sun was born out of my love for my hometown and wanting to share with visitors a new way to experience Australia’s first mainland sunrise.

Lots of people make their way up the Cape each day to witness the sunrise but they usually only stay for a brief time, snap a few pics and then leave as soon as the sun pops up. I wanted to create an intimate and tailored experience that complements the beauty of Cape Byron and allows our guests to spend a few hours taking in the stunning views over the bay and out towards the hinterland, while enjoying a local-produce-inspired, three-course breakfast. We only take one to two bookings daily to ensure a relaxed and intimate atmosphere for each of our guests. 

How has the concept evolved since you first started hosting them?

Initially we designed the experience as a picnic on the grass area adjacent to the lighthouse. However, to make the most of the gorgeous views, the experience has now evolved into a ‘floating’ breakfast experience on the Cape Cafe deck, overlooking Wategos and out towards Julian Rocks. We custom-made corner and long floating breakfast bars which we install especially for our Toast the Sun guests each day.

Tell us more about the food….

Our Toast the Sun menu changes seasonally, to match the local produce we can source. I developed the menu as a tasting style breakfast, so guests don’t have to choose between options. We use only the best local and organic ingredients, sourced at our weekly Farmer’s Market and Green Grocer’s. I make everything from scratch, in-house; from our summer granola and winter bircher, to kneading and rolling our tortilla dough for the breakfast burritos, to mixing the batter for our decadent home-made crispy waffles and caramel sauce (which are a serial crowd favourite). To me, home-style cooking tastes better. It’s a menu I would love to eat myself and it’s easily adapted to fit the varying dietary requirements our guests have. My best friends mum is the best cook I know, so we worked together for months back in 2016 to develop and perfect the menu. Growing up, I always loved going over to friends’ houses and spending time in the kitchen with their mums and dads. Then, into adulthood, through my travels, I can honestly say that I've experienced the warmest hospitality in the most far away places through the simple act of being invited over for a home-cooked meal. So in essence, I wanted to create an experience where, through our food, guests would feel that same hospitality and take away a beautiful memory from their time in Byron Bay.


How do you personalise the experience?

As we only take one to two bookings daily the experience is very intimate and tailored to our guests preferences. Our menu is adapted to each guest’s dietary requirements and we can even tailor a playlist to suit our guests tastes for added ambience. For extra special occasions we’ll block out the date exclusively for our guests.

Special people you’ve met?

All our guests are super lovely, like-minded folk and generally feel like friends by the end of the experience. I love chatting with them and hearing their travel stories and swapping recommendations.

And of course proposals always melt me! I love it when guests book the experience to pop the question.





Toast The Sun is available for any of our guests at The Bower Byron Bay but you’ll need to book in advance.  It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

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