BYRON: Byron Bay’s Best Beaches


We thought we'd share our local intel on some of our favourites with you and just what it is about them that makes them special, accompanied by some of the stunning imagery from Byron-based photographer, Craig Parry.  Craig is an internationally acclaimed and multi-award winning oceanic and nature photographer, and he's captured our beaches and waterways to perfection.  He's driven by his respect and love of the environment and wants to engender that in others, and sees that connecting his audience with nature through his imagery will also encourage a willingness to conserve it.  It's part of The Bower ethos too - a need to protect, preserve, nurture and sustain these priceless gifts from Mother Nature.
So here you are.  Beaches Bower-style:
A view of the sunrise - Everyone the world over knows that Byron Lighthouse, atop the ancient, craggy Cape on the most easterly tip of Australia is THE place to see the sunrise first, but if the plan is to take your blanket and setup on a beach, steaming tea or coffee in hand, the best place to take in the magnificence of sunrise is Tallows Beach.  It's far enough away from the Cape, which is a giant view-obstructor at ground level, and on its westerly side, and is the place to be to watch the start of a brand new day.

A pretty sunset - Main Beach comes into its own at sunset.  It's a hub of activity as locals and tourists from across the globe alike, lay out their rugs on the sand or grassy foreshore to watch the sun set slowly over the Pacific Ocean. The brilliant golden, pink and orange hues reflected in the vast expanse of water as the sun sinks slowly into the horizon are simply unforgettable. And if you're walking along Main Beach to capture the brilliant light show that is a Byron sunset, and you hit The Pass at just the right time, you'll see the moody, pastel sky throw its glow over Byron's town centre. PS. Climb the stairs at Fisherman's Lookout for an even better vantage point.
Craig Parry Photography - Byron Bay

A surf
- Ahhh.  Byron and surfing.  We're spoilt for choice, but our pick is The Pass with its sweeping right hand point break.  Just take care in the crowds and watch out for the dive boats! Or if you'd rather get out of town in your search of the perfect wave, take the coast road down to Lennox Head where there's plenty of great beaches en route and you'll find Lennox Point which is another great option.
A swim - White sands, clear blue water and calm conditions in the most picturesque of settings. That means Wategos Beach nestled in under the shadow of the Cape Byron Lighthouse.  Or for one of the worst kept local secrets, Whites Beach is the place to go. 
For kids - If you've got kids in tow, then the essentials are close by, easy to park, close to amenities and with loads of space for them to play. Then that's Clarkes Beach. It's patrolled by lifesavers throughout summer and Beach Cafe is nearby to top up on caffeine, cold drinks or some scrummy food from the Kiosk out the front.

Craig Parry Photography - Byron Bay
Craig Parry Photography - Byron Bay
When its windy - Cosy Corner by name, Cosy Corner by nature.  At the northern end of Tallows Beach, at the foot of the headland and in the shadows of the lighthouse, its position protects it from the challenges of winds whipping up the sand into an uncomfortable, invasive sand blasting! 
A dip along the Lighthouse Walk - With so many beaches to choose from as you wind your way from the centre of town up to the most easterly point of Australia's mainland, it's hard to know where to stop. But our fave is Little Wategos, which can only be accessed via the lighthouse track.  It's usually not crowded and is the perfect place to stop for a dip.

Avoiding the crowds - How frustrating to discover that everyone else finds your beach of choice a magnet and identifying your own little patch to enjoy it is nigh on impossible. So in high season the best thing to do is avoid main town beaches.  Better to head down to The Wreck at the northern end of main beach and keep walking north towards Belongil Beach. Or if you want to hop in you car, head towards the 6.5km long stretch of sand at Tallows or spend the day out of town at Suffolk Park or Lennox Head.

Craig Parry Photography - Byron Bay
Craig Parry Photography - Byron Bay
Craig Parry Photography - Byron Bay

All imagery kindly provided by Craig Parry Photography

Gallery Address: Shop 7, 8 Fletcher Street, Byron Bay, NSW