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WHAT’S ON: Markets In and Around Byron (Hint: Bangalow Markets Are A Thing)

Who doesn’t love a community market chokka block full of one-off pieces from local creatives, baskets spilling over with just-picked vegies and exotic fruits, the smell of freshly baked artisan loaves and pastries and foodie entrepreneurs serving up their specialties whether it’s samosas or hand-churned gelato. and byron is abundant with them!

In fact, there is more than one market day in the area every Saturday and Sunday of the year, with fresh produce markets and seasonal markets thrown in for good measure. They’re all about new products, new ideas and new ways of just being to ponder. It’s about local, making, baking, sewing, growing and then selling to locals and visitors from across the globe (or day-trippers from neighbouring towns like the Gold Coast) and we can’t get enough of them!

Want to share our typical stroll through Byron’s Community Market? A visit to Butler Street Reserve is locked into our calendar the first Sunday of every month.

It’s only a gentle 1km walk from The Bower and if your day doesn’t start well without a coffee, you can get your fix at a couple of our favs – right next door at The Byron Bay General Store or en route at Sunday Sustainable Bakery, Sparrow or Kombi. We’re in the habit of saving ourselves for the markets though, which you’ll hear before you see them. It’s the sound of great local performers and buskers plying their craft, creating a fabulous backing track for this dynamic community market.

First stop: Brunch. And it’s Byron Bay organic doughnuts for one (ok some…) of their dribble-worthy cinnamon doughnuts and a hot steaming coffee. Sugar rush and caffeine high satisfied in one stop. Win-win.