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DESIGN: Sustainability in Design / Tips from Bower’s Architect and Builder

No doubt about it, at the bower we’re passionate about architecture and interior design, and of course issues of sustainability are always at the top of mind when it comes to interpreting our initial concepts into the real thing.

As our architect extraordinaire John Burgess points out, “The construction industry is a massive consumer of resources and once completed, buildings continue to be reliant on materials and resources for their occupants’ comfort and the structure’s maintenance.” It means we have to get it right at the very beginning, and John is, as always, our guiding light. “Sensible choices during the design stage and during the buildings lifecycle can have a significant effect on how sustainable or damaging to the environment the building is,” he says.
As fellow eco-warriors, we thought you’d be interested in John’s tips for Sustainable Design and we’ve added in a few eco-tips from our builder, Greg Lyon too. John admits that sustainable design is a seriously huge topic and everyone has their own particular angle on it, but these are a few of his fundamental tips to help steer a building toward a sustainable lifecycle.