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IN THE MEDIA: The Bower Barn / The Beach People

Just like The Bower, The Beach People have a strong signature aesthetic with a natural colour palette of creams, white, black and greys, and soft colours of nature, combined with a keen eye for detail and using materials of the highest quality.

Our Bower Barn was the perfect space for the photoshoot for their new bedding collection – The Eucalyptus Bedding Range. The Barn’s wide floorboards, warm white panelled walls, pitched roof with reclaimed wooden beams, restored cottage windows, linen covered chairs and textured timber furniture provided the perfect backdrop for this exciting new range in sand, white and charcoal hues, inspired by The Beach People’s Australian heritage.
The Beach People are creative, grounded, all-round canny women who are building a global business that started with a single idea – to create beautiful round beach towels. That was the first sell-out product behind Northern Rivers sisters Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie’s fledgling business, and just five years on, their brand of luxe essentials, beautifully crafted from the finest of materials, has made its mark locally and internationally. They love designing unique treasures for your home, using their coastal lifestyle, a memorable experience, a special location or a particular eye-catching aesthetic as their inspiration. Mood boards loaded with images, textures and cuttings are delivered to their team of designers and artists to finalise the latest additions to their ranges of Beach, Bedding, Bath, Tableware, Kids and Accessories before testing starts in their homes. Their homes to yours is a real thing!
The Eucalyptus Bedding Range was inspired by Australia’s stately gum trees and the beautiful colours of their bark: a soft light sandy colour, snowy white and deep rich charcoal, a colour palette evocative of so many Byron Beach Abodes interiors. Just like the team at BBA, the sisters are passionate about our environment and loved working with the wood pulp of the Eucalyptus trees that are grown and replaced on specialised tree farms, and produced using recyclable and Earth-friendly solvents. There are no pesticides or irrigation used, and the production uses less land and water than cotton production. The result is soft and silky sheets and a happy Earth! Win-win.
You can see their beautiful new range of luxe bedding here on The Beach People’s Journal and while you’re there you’ll see why The Bower Barn provided the perfect backdrop for their photo shoot.
PS. A fun look at how often to wash your sheets can be found on their website too. We thought we’d share part of it with you here:

“After researching we found the ideal sheet washing scale goes a little something like this:
Once a week: Good for you – let’s be friends.
Once a fortnight: Life’s busy and we’re friendly people, so that’s ok.
Once a month: Maybe outsource… a local laundry will make your life cleaner for $14 a pop.
Once every two months: Actually not ok… make a fire in your backyard and light that s#*t up!!”

Happy reading!