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IN THE MEDIA: The Bower Barn / Home Magazine, France

According to French interiors magazine Home, The Bower Barn is all wasi-sabi spirit it seems…

Wasi-sabi is a centuries-old Japanese aesthetic founded in finding beauty in imperfection, using natural materials to create a deep connection to the Earth, and keeping it simple, and certainly all of that forms part of the signature The Bower aesthetic.
We’re chuffed to have the French, who undoubtedly are on the world stage when it comes to artistic know-how, from food and wine to fashion and interior design, give a thumbs up to the Australian coastal aesthetic showcased in their latest edition. From The Bower collection of luxury beach accom, they chose The Bower Barn and what lies behind its heavy timber barn door, to illustrate an aesthetic that pays due homage to the past while infusing all the expectations of a high-end beach-side holiday. The Bower Barn has a timeless elegance, a cool neutral colour palette, lots of sumptuous linen and century old timber beam, with the piece de resistance, the egg-shaped bath sitting under the full glass ceiling which puts Mother Nature on show day or night.
Article originally published in Home Magazine, France