GET THE LOOK: The Bower Barn

Usually it’s spring time that gets our refresh and renew creative juices flowing, but no, not this year. This year it’s summer that’s seen the desire to give the bower barn a facelift overwhelm us, and so that’s what we’ve done.

We’ve given that most delicious of intimate, romantic spaces a sophisticated new look. And yes that means lots and lots of new linen. Linen cushions, linen bedspreads and linen throws. Bold textures and stripes have been replaced with pared back soft greys and crisp whites which so beautifully enhance the quaint charm of this perfect abode for two, set amidst The Bower’s tropical oasis with its newly completed IG-worthy round swimming pool just metres away.
Want to get the look? We thought we’d make it easy for you to take a little of our signature style into your own home by sharing our go-to suppliers for curtains and bed linen, rugs and mirrors, side tables, dining tables and the comfiest of chairs, cushions and throws and so much more. We know you appreciate our attention to detail in every Byron Beach Abodes property, and it is this detail which is showcased so beautifully in The Bower Barn. Maybe it’s time for the 5-star luxury of the I Love Linen Cloudy Hotel Mattress Topper which will ensure the cosiest of sleeps or stocking your bathroom with Kevin Murphy minis or some hand-made bath salts like we have to soak in The Barn’s insta-famous bathtub, set as it is under a glass-ceiling to take advantage of blue sky Byron days and star-studded inky night skies. A fabulous Tigmi Trading umbrella perhaps, or some long, billowing linen curtains, a stunning new stack of cushions to enliven your sofa or a candle or two from Ash Candles from Byron Bay to remind you of long lazy days in natures beachside wonderland. These are just some of the things we’d like to share with you from some of our favs such as I Love Linen, Cultiver, MCM House and HK Living.
Oh and if you want to ride Bower-style, we’ve also given you the link to Lekker Bikes, which is where we get our fabulous vintage-style bicycles, complete with wicker baskets. They’re classic and timeless, and just perfect to set out on from The Bower to explore the local markets or take a ride to the beach or the bustling heart of Byron.
You can click to shop the look here, or if you’d rather, just come visit us at The Bower Barn and enjoy what we’ve created for you. We hope that way you’ll find lots more design inspo to take home to interpret in your own way.