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FUN: These Are the Games We’re Playing Over Summer

There’s nothing wrong with settling in around the tv for a bit of shared viewing. We’ve already notched up another look at love actually and summer’s just begun!

But we’re also addicted to board games, outdoor games, adults-only games and giant versions of familiar favs. It’s about having screen-free time with family and friends, old and young alike.

Top of the list are some old-school classics such as Monopoly – or check out it’s newer take, Monopoly Deal which is a speedier-paced card version with the outcome impossible to predict. We’re addicted to it! Then there’s Scrabble, UpWords, Trivial Pursuit and Rumikub. And there’s nothing quite like a game of Charades, Pictionary or Celebrity Heads to bring the entire family together in an attempt to interpret off-piste clues and unimaginably bad drawing into the right answer.

Outdoors, as long as you have a Frisbee or a ball on hand it’s game on, but there are lots of fun alternatives. We’re particularly partial to a game of Sticky Wicket, a fun version of cricket but with our fielders usually found with a glass of wine in hand. True story! We love Finska, a Scandi take on ten pin bowling, giant Jenga, novelty giant badminton and volleyball, and come nighttime, glow-in-the-dark boules.