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STYLE: Creating a Capsule Wardrobe / An Edit by Felicity Brand – Head of Buying and Merchandising for Mode Sportif

We reckon the start to 2020 has made most of us rethink our priorities and of course first priority has to be our environment doesn’t it as much as we’re also aware of the massive social and economic challenges facing humanity too.

And that spins off into so many other elements when we look deep into our commitment to live, work and play in a truly sustainable way. It’s made us think more about fashion and how we consume it, especially in an age of fast, disposable fashion which always raises questions of ethical production. We’ve started to shop in our own wardrobes celebrating timeless design and styles, and coordinating new outfits from pieces we already own. And when we do shop we want to be conscious purchasers, only buying what we need and then being brand aware. Do the designers we like share our passion for ethical production using sustainable materials?
It’s why when we were thinking about sustainable fashion we called on Felicity Brand, past buyer for Net-A Porter and Harvey Nichols and now Head of Buying and Merchandising for Sydney brand Mode Sportif which is the ultimate fashion destination for designer, contemporary dressing. Like us Felicity is driven by good design first and foremost but it’s also about how, where and from what a garment is made. We love what Felicity has pulled together for us: a list of wardrobe essentials – timeless pieces that every woman should have in their wardrobe to create the perfect, classic capsule. Forever pieces. Enjoy.
And moving forward, let Australia’s catastrophic start to this new decade increase our commitment to leaving the planet a better place! We’re on board and hope you are too.