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BYRON: Byron Bay’s Best Surf Spots

Aussie surfer and six-time world champion stephanie gilmour has salt water running through her veins. She’s graceful, skilful, and has a deep appreciation of one of the strongest forces on the planet – the ocean.

“The ocean has to be the strongest natural force on the planet, right? It’s where you recharge the batteries,’ says Stephanie. “We’re all solar-powered and when you put sunlight on top of all the motion you get in the ocean, it feels like you’re having as beautiful a spiritual moment as a human being can have,” she says.

This rich culture of surfing, coupled with the vast expanse of Pacific Ocean on its easterly border, draws visitors from across the globe to Byron Bay every day of the year. It’s a place where beginners trying to learn some basics skills are just at home as the pros hellbent on riding the best waves in Byron Bay wherever they might be in the world. It’s the joy of surfing. All it takes is a body, a surfboard and a wave, and the waves are abundant in Byron. Highly recommended!