STYLE EDIT: Styling advice with Tigmi Trading’s Danielle McEwan

Danielle McEwan Tigmi Trading

From the beginning of our Bower journey, we have constantly been inspired by local brand Tigmi Trading. Known for their timeless pieces and artisan-made rugs sourced from far-flung places between the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and the Black Sea, we’ve roamed their showrooms and stalked their Instagram more times than we care to admit!

Tigmi pieces are perfectly imperfect, each with a story of how it came to be a part of their collection. When you purchase a piece from Tigmi you can be assured you’re purchasing something unique with a history of its own. In other words… these pieces are special, so very special.

We sat down with the founder Danielle McEwan to pick her brain on all our most burning interior design questions because there’s no doubt no one knows styling quite like Tigmi!

Tigmi Trading Living Room


Once the necessities have been purchased, what are your essential finishing touches for bringing a room together? 

Authenticity always. Bringing in the personality and soul of the homeowner is the best way to make a home that feels right.

When it comes to balancing luxe and less, in your opinion what's worth the investment and where can you afford to save a few pennies?  

The best spaces are always a good mix of both. When a space is too refined & luxe it can come off as cold or uninviting. We believe in creating spaces that are a reflection of the owner, a consideration of space where form and function work together in harmony. I do firmly believe in investing in a few quality pieces that are comfortable and built to last.

Rugs are a great way to inject soul and ground a space. They are always worth the investment. Memories, art, vintage pieces acquired on travels create so much more of an inviting space than something that looks like it’s straight from a catalogue – none of these need to be luxe.

Tigmi Trading Byron Bay


What are your go-to rules when it comes to sourcing vintage pieces?  

Consider everything, purpose, form, functionality and of course, sometimes you just love it! Also, remember that some of the best pieces you can source are already within your possession; they just need to be reimagined, and of course, when you are considering finding a truly unique and timeless piece – come visit us!

We often see you hanging rugs on the walls of your showroom, for those who'd like to incorporate this look into their own home are there any dos and dont's? 

We recently started working with a sustainable Scandinavian rug brand Cappelen Dimyr who create incredible artful rugs that are intended to be hung on the wall as art. We see our entire collection of rugs as functional art, so if you choose to hang a rug on a wall, I’d say go for it! Ideally, your home should be a comfortable space that makes you happy. 

Hanging Rugs - Tigmi Trading


What are your customers demanding at the moment? Is there anything in particular flying off the shelves? 

We recently launched our first furniture collection The Organic Table Collection, a series that is all made to order locally. We have been blown away by the positive response!

With an increased amount of people working from their residential addresses, what are your tips to curating an inspiration home office environment? 

Lighting is an easy way to add mood and a sculptural or interesting vintage piece will add depth and character.

Create some new energy in the space by moving objects around, especially if the object is yourself! Don’t forget how restorative the outdoors are, even if it’s getting out for a quick walk.

Tigmi Trading Byron Bay Living


Where do you draw inspiration from? 

We are constantly inspired by the natural world, finding our greatest inspirations in the beauty of nature. Art and architecture is another huge draw of inspiration along with travel, after all, it was a trip to Morocco that inspired us to create Tigmi Trading

Byron Bay is becoming well known for state-of-the-art homes and dreamy interiors, what are your favourite local trends?  

We don’t usually get behind trends, but the movement towards conscious construction and building with sustainable materials like recycled woods and hemp could be the exception.

Want to see more? 

Tigmi Trading is located in Byron Bay's Habitat Centre as well as in Newrybar, or if you're not in Byron Bay you can shop their collection via the online store HERE, or simply take some inspo from their gorgeous Instagram HERE. Photos courtesy of Tigmi Trading and Alicia Taylor Photography.  

Tigmi Trading Byron Bay