NOW STOCKING: Luv Lou Eyewear

Luv Lou sunglasses - The Bower Byron Bay

What’s more annoying than forgetting your sunglasses on a day out? Forgetting to pack them on holidays, of course!

Top ranking amongst Byron’s main attractions are the plethora of outdoor activities inspired by the town’s picturesque landscapes and gorgeous weather. Unfortunately, you’re not going to enjoy beach walks, alfresco lunches and bike rides to town if you’re constantly squinting into the distance or throwing up a hand for a bit of temporary shade.

Rest assured the struggle is over, in fact perhaps it’s now a convenient and welcomed excuse to up your eyewear game. We are over the moon to announce that we are now stocking Luv Lou sunglasses in our Bower gift shop.
Luv Lou is a local NSW brand, founded by two sisters Hayley and Jayde Hall. Focusing on producing frames inspired by traditional silhouettes Luv Lou designs are on-trend while offering a timeless appeal. To say we had a ball ordering our favourite designs is an understatement!
We dove into tortoiseshell heaven choosing between the different variations Luv Lou has produced in that classic pattern. We also opted for some gorgeous cream frames to suit those lazy afternoons filled with white linen and long lunches.
Founded in 2018, Luv Lou has been throwing shade in the best way possible across some notable faces with loyal followings from the likes of Renee Bargh, Elsa Hoskin, Tash Oakley and Lola Jagger.
The future is golden. So, go on — forget your sunnies ;)