FOCUS ON: Francesca Owen

Francesca Owen - photographer

Mesmerizingly beautiful, Francesca Owen’s photographic work captures the female form suspended in both time and water.

Contours of the female body combine with the feeling of not quite floating as her subjects linger just shy of the water's surface.

The result is a calming series of enviable fine art pieces, a few of which we are lucky enough to feature here at The Bower.

What is it about underwater photography that drew you in? 

My intrigue of the water definitely begun from being a Synchronised Swimmer, and the years of seeing and perceiving the underwater world.

I studied photography at university, where I focused a lot on Photojournalism, however, after coming home from the 2012 Olympics I had a space I hadn’t filled yet, and felt there was more to explore than just shooting above the surface.

From that moment I started seeing the underwater world from a more creative eye, and that twist really intrigued me. Water transformed into a space of self-expression and letting go, rather than a competitive space that held lots of nerves for me.

There's a calming sense of silence and stillness from your photos. What was the drive behind your Suspended Elegance collection? Were there any messages you're looking to convey?

A lot of my work captures suspended dance with calming qualities. I want my viewers to feel free and at ease when seeing my imagery, but also igniting that lust for movement and expression. I have always been very expressive and creative since I was little, so I want to ignite that fire in others. Elegance also surrounds my work as I feel this plays a large part of life.  

How do you choose which subjects you choose to work with?

Having a Synchronised Swimming background I am very lucky, I get to work with models who are confident in the water and with expressing themselves with fluid motion.

You certainly inspire us, but we want to know - who inspires you?

I find inspiration from various areas of my life. I would definitely say the subjects I capture are a big inspiration, as well as my loved ones. Living close to the ocean acts as a big inspiration for me also! I love raw materials and beauty. Nothing too overdone!

What other photographers or artists are you a big fan of? 

Without question, some key photographers in history come to mind like the late Peter Lindbergh (bottom left) and Slim Aarons, but also Phil Gallagher (bottom right) from Aquatech Imaging Solutions who I am now an Ambassador for is a big inspiration for me, as well as fellow photographers around the coast!

What are you working on right now? 

Right now I am working on ‘Self Reflection’, a series which draws on the feelings experienced during the isolation period of COVID.

This series is about being still and sitting in that space that some may feel uncomfortable; to be silent and think about your past, present and future self. It is about learning to love who you are and making the most of your individuality.

I once had Steve Waugh say to me ‘It is how you act from here moving forward, is how people will remember you by’. There will be moments of solitude, stillness, frustration, and despair but all encompassed with a silver lining of hope. I will be releasing this series mid-August.

When travelling to Byron Bay, what are your top three recommendations? 


Want to browse through more of Francesca's work? 

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